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The Fangyan Scenic Area, located 25km away to the east downtown of Yongkang City, Zhejiang Provinces, is known as the “fairyland on earth” since long time ago because of the unique rocks and beautiful landscape. The mountains here rise from flat land, each with the four sides as steep and straight as cut by knives; they rise to the sky with extraordinary precipitous look, just like a square castle if looked in distance and is thus named Fangyan (“Square rocks” in Chinese). With the height reaching 384m, the scenic area attracted numerous visitors to come since the Song Dynasty. It is a marvelous landscape getting rooted in the Danxia landform. Early in 1985, Fangyan Scenic Area was approved to be included in the first provincial-level important scenic areas of Zhejiang Province in recognition of its breathtaking perilous peaks and steep cliffs, the miraculous stone carvings from the nature’s craftsmanship, the start-studded grottos and stone chambers, and the waterfalls and flat lakes in radiant splendor. There are eight major attractions here, including the Fangyan Mountain, the Five Peaks, Nanyan, Shigu Shack, the Lingshan Lake Martyrs Cemetery, and the Number One Scholar Lake, with the total area reaching 92 square kilometers.

The Fangyan Scenic Area is famous for its perilous peaks, fantastic rocks, beautiful waterfalls, and marvelous grottos. Here, you can have a look of the perilous and magnificent rocks and cliffs, and the beautiful and elegant mountains and waters. Here, you can feel the long history, splendid culture, and abundant relics here and there. The Fangyan Mountain is the core element of the Fangyan Scenic Area and known for the magnificent, unique, perilous and steep peaks. With the most obvious and most completely developed Danxia geomorphology, it is a match to the rocks in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Spot. The Fangyan Mountain is 400m in height and nearly 3000m in overall diameter. Rising abruptly from the flat land with four faces steep and straight, the mountain shows great difference in the peak area and the foot area, making it look imposing and magnificent, like a sky-reaching pillar and thus got the name “Fangyan (square rock)”....

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